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Welcome to Mērsrags


A friendly region for family and recreation. A place where peace and calm are at one with each other and the port has a golden sand covered beach. It is a place where people are like the wind and all the jobs are done hand in hand with songs and dances.
Every year in June, blossoming with pine trees and waters surrounded Mērsrags will invite you for Ligo celebration, and then already after some time you can expect a Sea festival, where you will have a chance to try some smoked plaice and have a sea ride on a small ship. But already in August, in Mērsrags festival, while fisherman’s wives will mend the nets, you will be able to listen to stories and legends about dunes and pirates, about that, how it was or wasn’t.


Welcome to join!
If you have decided to visit us by sea – than here you will not only be waited for by a colourful sunset , but also by the recently opened yacht center “Mērsrags”.
But if closer for you is dry land – then about early spring you will be greeted with colourful flower-covered waysides and early woken bird songs.
After traveling here by dry land or by the sea – remains only to take a look on Mērsrags – just two, with family or with some of our smiley and kind tour guides, who respect the past, think about the future and work hardly for today.

See you in Mērsrags!