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The municipality of Mērsrags is located on the west coast of the Gulf of Riga, beside Lake Engure and surrounded by extensive woodlands. It’s situated in northwest Latvia in wooded lowland close the sea. The total area of the municipality is 109 km2 (10896,2 ha). 63.7% of this area is woodland and Lake Engure covers 20.4%. The coastline is about 12 km. long.


Sightseening in Mersrags region

Mērsrags lighthouse –Built in 1875, by the order of Riga Stock Exchange, because the stony shoal was making it dangerous for ships, which had to slightly deviate from the main line between the Kolka fire ships and Daugava estuary. The height of the lighthouse is 21.3 m. The Iron construction of the lower part was heavily damaged during the First World War (1914). It was strengthened by concrete in 1922. Adress: Bākas street 60. T:+371 28325803

Mērsraga ground horn and Devils rock - Mērsrags is the 2nd largest and expressive ground horn in Latvia – 18 ha. Narrow beach, what is many km long and underwater slope 3-12m, depth covered with rocks. Approx. 50m from the coast is situated Devils rock, of which the upper part(1.5m) is visible over the water level. The rock has a cavity, what is called Devils foot. Legend tells that that this rock horn appeared when devil was making a bridge over the Riga bay. Adress: next to the lighthouse.


Museum “Saieta nams”- Built in 1811 and is the oldest dwelling house in Mērsrags. Here is collected a large estate of signs, tools, household items, textiles, etc. Adress: Rožu street 16. T:+371 63235995


Engure lakes nature park - floodplain meadows, marshes and humid forests, established orchid trail with the length of 3,5 km., where you can take a look on 22 Orchidaceous species. Bird-watching towers and restored lake coastal meadow, which is a home to Latvian blue cows and horses. Adress: Engure municipaliy, Bērzciems, T: +371 29474420, http://www.eedp.lv

Stage “Jēgerleja” - A relaxing place with a stage, where Mērsrags citizens and guest proposed schedule by “Jēgerleja” - regular concerts and diverse cultural offers - can enjoy since year 2008. Here you will find, not only performed theatre performances, celebrated Mērsrags festival, Midsummer night and Seamen festival, but also folk dances, which are performed by Mērsrags dance team and resounded by big and small Mērsrags citizens. Adress: Lielā street 126

Mērsrags Evangelical Lutheran Church – The Origin of this church comes from the beginning of the 16th century. A New wooden church was built in the year 1809, totally reconstructed in 1896. It is a small wooden church, with altar and easement, and with small tower with pyramid style closing, which is decorated by a cross and decorative rooster with a date (1891) over the main entrance. The Building was reconstructed from 2000-2002. Church Adornment is restored altarpiece "Christ with a child” (1793, Jacob Friedrich Sartori). Adress: Bākas street 9.


Mērsrags port northern mole - Built in 1927, reconstructed in 2007. In 20th century, 30s the largest contraction in Talsi region, for now is the part of territory of Mērsrags port and is viewable only from northern side, by walking along the beach.


Mērsrags canal - Aprox. 4km long, was excavated in 1842, to increase the area of land used for agriculture. Mērsrags canal connects Engure Lake with the sea. Nowadays Mērsrags canal is a favorite place for fishermen.

Fishermen's boat, anchor and stones - The passage of time cannot be stopped – everything changes and flows, though the exposition at the center of Mērsrags – fishermen’s boat with anchor and stone stacking is like histories exponent, what tells about the ancestral occupation through the centuries. Adress: Lielā street. Zvejnieku street and Jūras street.